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Who is Hill Training Institute?
We are an Accredited Training Institution who train Operators, Artisans, Miners and the general public on how to operate machines such as Excavators, TLB, Dumptrucks, Mobile Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Reach truck, Drill Rigs, LHD Scoops and so many others as seen on our website
How much does your trainings cost?
We have various costs for various courses. Our courses will range from R1500 to R30000. We guarantee very affordable costs.
Did you say R30000? This is way expensive?
Like i said, our mining trainings are done inside a real production mine. The reasons as to why some course will be so expensive is because we have to take those machines out of production. Technically it won't mean taking them entirely out of production but train you on in a live mine environment and your speed will be slowing production. These machines are too expensive that we can't buy them just for training purposes. And that is why it gets expensive. By the way, you must get a mine medical test for you to train these courses/machines in the mines. We can always assist you in securing one so done you worry.
We are five, will it cost us less?
For as long as you are all training the same course, the cost will be far too less. Lets use an Example of Surface Drill rig (Drill Tech for mineral Exploration). We are not using exact figures but explainations. Lets say it costs R30000 for an individual to train it. If you were five, this would cost you approximately R8000 each
Do you offer accommodation and feeding
We offer free accommodation. We also have food packed to students training mine courses. Because of the nature of the mine setting, there are no food cafeterias and therefore food is packed in lunch boxes for the learners. As for non-mine courses. You will have to buy food for yourself. These other courses other than the mine related ones are trained at Institutions within reach of food canteens and or restuarants
Contact us
Physical Address
53 Church Street
Area Code: 0699

Phone: +27(0)763539351
Cell 1 (Phillip):073455646
Cell 2 (Faith):0738087949
Email: info@hilltrainings.co.za

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