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Blasting Ticket
We are now pleased to inform you that we are offering Blasting Ticket. But what is Blasting Ticket? As many people may know what Blasting is, there is too much technical knowledge behind it and how to have a Blasting Ticket itself
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To download Blasting Ticket Course information. Who should attend, when, Where and what is required. Including fees. Blasting Ticket Explanation
By Formal definition, Blasting is a means of breaking up part or the earth's surface or anything by means of explosives. Dictionary definition should also be within the same logic.
Blasting Ticket on the other hand is a qualification given to a person who has been found competent to carry out lots of key areas sorrounding blasting. This involves key aspects such as the safe transportation, drilling, making up primers, charging holes, detonating and lots of other key areas.
The Key areas is what MQA calls a qualification. MQA as the Primary Regulatory State Organ responsible for directing and quality assurance of the Course, after a technical Evaluation, found out that for some one to be called a Competent Blasting Officer hence issued with a Blasting Ticket, he/she ought to have studied over 17 core unit standards and over 10 Elementary ones. He needs to have accumulated over 400 Credits Points. This was found to be a huge load on the learner and so it was divided into three main Qualifications which were;
1. Blasting Assistant
2. Blasting Practice
3. Competent Person A/B
In terms of the Mines Health and Safety Act and Regulations (Act 29 of 1996), and for purposes of Regulation 14.1 (1) and 14.1 (5), One has to be declared as Competent Person, Must posses maximum experience in Blasting and must have been an Assistant in a blasting practice to accumulate the required experience.
The Misconcept
After writing a very tough and well regulated and monitored Exam, a Blasting Ticket will therefore Only be issued to someone already working in the mine and mostly assisting with Blasting Operations in one way or the other. It is not a qualification that will be given to a novice. That is why you must have a minium of 2 years work experience in addition to your Diploma/Degree in Mine Related Profession or Four years Experience Without a Formal Qualification from a Tertiary Insitution. The problem we have gathered over years is that someone with no blasting experience wants to get a blasting ticket after attending formal training without Experience. This is not Possible. So you may be asking what next? Well,Call us for more information Or;
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